Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekends are for FUN!

Hmmmm... what is Macy doing?

Yum! Good idea!!


Watering... a FAVORITE activity

Such a girl... multitasking!!


We LOVE this water fun at the Hill Country Galleria! Lots of fun and wears her out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brooke and Charlotte

Charlotte had her first friend over last Wednesday night! She is our neighbor and we finally convinced her parents to have a date night out and leave Brooke with us! The girls had lots of fun!!

They started the evening with a yummy grilled cheese dinner...

We quickly discovered why Brooke is in the 10th % for weight and Charlotte is in the 75%!!! Charlotte ate both girls dinners!!

Playing on the deck - impossible to get both girls eyes on the camera!

Bath time! I love Brooke's beautiful blue eyes!!

Char carried on her usual bath routine even though there was an extra in her tub!

Practicing body parts :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter at home in Austin this year. We started off the weekend at an Easter egg hunt at the UT golf club with the Leavell's. We are so happy that they are members there and we get to enjoy it with them! It is such a beautiful, relaxing place to be... it feels like we're on vacation when we're there!! They had a great petting zoo, a delicious lunch and of course lots of eggs to hunt!! We spent Easter Sunday with JaJa and Papaw and had a lovely day. We started off with a beautiful celebration at church and then headed to the Thompson's for the day. Charlotte hunted some more eggs and was sooooo thrilled to see Puffs and Cheerios in her eggs at snack time! It is so sweet to see her so excited over such simple things. I'm sure this is the last year we will get away with that... our friends Jan and Frank said it is bordering on child abuse to put Cheerios in eggs instead of chocolate! Ha!! It has been so unseasonably HOT in Texas this spring that it was actually warm enough to swim!! Not for me of course, I usually don't get in until it reaches bath water temperature :) Charlotte is a FISH just like her daddy. She is totally out of control in the pool and prefers to be on her own as usual. She even jumps in to Sam and loves to tease him by acting like she is going to jump in and then running away laughing... it is hilarious. I know I say it every month but she is SO much fun right now! She has so much personality and is such a joy to be with. She just melts my heart with that darling toothy smile and scrunched up nose. This Easter, I thank God a million times for my family and am so grateful for Jesus' sacrifice so I can share eternal life with them.

Gorgeous flower arrangement that came from Nana, what a wonderful surprise to start off Easter!


So sweet. I LOVE her purse from Aunt Lauren this Easter and so does she!!

First sucker!!

The bunny came!

Inspecting her beautiful new Peter Rabbit tea set from her Nana!

She loves it!!

Glow worm

Off she goes!

Playing with Dora that she got in her basket

New placemat from Muriel, a friend of the Thompson's. So thoughtful of her to think of Charlotte this Eatser!

Gasp! Puffs!!!

A little help from Papaw

More swimming after nap!!

I love that face... soooooo happy.


Sharing her loot with Macy