Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Annual NOLA visit!

I wish our visits to Auntie's house were much more frequent than annual. Though considering the distance and the number of munchkins, I would say we actually do pretty well to get about 4 visits together per year! There was a little hitch in this particular trip, Charlotte had an infection around her eye that gave her mama a scare! Sometimes I think it is worse to know every "worst case scenario", I can really get myself worried when my own are sick. Uncle Justin was so sweet to spend his morning off running us over to the Children's Hospital. Thankfully, we got good news and after a tough shot of antibiotics we were on our way. Daddy was worried sick, and was soon on a plane to come hold his baby and help us home! We really still had a very nice visit, the Black's are always such great hosts and spoil us rotten! Auntie made us lots of wonderful meals, and the kids were kind enough to get lots of sleep so Lo and I could catch up!

Frozen yogurt treat after dinner!
We love their neighborhood park!
So much fun to play with new toys! My kids LOVE their cousins backyard and driveway toys!
Pizza party!
Auntie bought some crawfish for us to check out - loved seeing their reactions! Not too much eating going on!
Movie time, besties.
Making cookies, a favorite activity!
Sweet cousins making Charlotte a get well card while she was at the hospital.
We have decided that these 2 will be BFF's! Hannah loves her baby cousin!
Love that crazy Ev!
Evening walk, my favorite picture (minus C's poor eye!)
S'mores! It was such a beautiful evening, it was so nice to have both of our families all together - what a rare and wonderful time. Thanks again to the Black's, we are counting the days until we meet again!

Friday, November 1, 2013

He is Risen!!

We had a very special Easter weekend with family and friends. Saturday night, we had the Martin's over for dinner and coloring eggs (Charlotte should be a pro at this point!). It was a beautiful night so we kicked off our summer nights on the deck! The big girls enjoyed dinner in leotards and tutus, and made/ate some beautiful eggs. The Easter bunny was very good to our girls, the highlights were Charlotte's grinch movie (which she had been asking for since Christmas) and Olivia's new baby. Of course, we started Sunday off by singing Hallelujah at a beautiful church service. The girls made butterflies with their hand prints to signify new life. (They are still on our fridge in November!) After rest time, we went to JaJa and Papaw's for one final egg hunt and a delicious meal. Hallelujah, He is Risen!

Thank you, Nana for their adorable baskets!
Livi came with me to set up my Sunday school classroom, so I had a few minutes with her to get some pictures. Nana gave her this beautiful dress for Christmas before she was born! What a perfect occasion for such a gorgeous dress!
The usual post-church playground time
These didn't go over as planned...
So mom and dad wore them!
Learning how to give kisses...