Wednesday, July 21, 2010


How has a half of a YEAR already flown by?!?!?! I just can't believe it. This age is sooooo much fun. You are changing so fast and it seems like you learn something new every day. I never thought you could get any cuter but sure enough... you did! We have had lots of time together in the last few weeks and I have loved every minute. You are the sweetest little buddy to hang out with! At 6 months: You LOVE your mama and dada and get SO excited when one of us comes home! Here you are playing with dad when he got home from football.
You are getting your 2 bottom teeth. You sleep from 7-8 every night to 7 in the morning. You love your bed, your lovie and your noise maker. I love watching you put yourself to sleep, it is so sweet. You snuggle up against your bumper and suck on your little lovie and purr a little bit until you fall asleep! We put the little animals that Karsen gave you in your bed and you wake up and play with them just like she did! I usually let you play a little while after you wake up and when I go upstairs the animals are all over your crib and you are talking to them! You drink well from a sippy cup. You love to play with your toys (thank you Owen for letting us borrow all of them!) You are sitting up all by yourself You like to shop. You still don't like your stroller after about 20 minutes (we are still working on this because I LOVE to walk with you!). Regarding shopping, you like it because I carry you the whole time. Yes, I know you are spoiled and no I don't really care. You love to swim. You love your Aristocat from Pops and play with her while Mama cleans your room You talk to (yell at) and laugh at Macy all day long You love your food! Your current diet includes bananas, cereal, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, applesauce, prunes, zucchini, squash, green beans and peas. You are not picky and even love your veggies! But your very favorite is still your mama's milk :) You love to swing and usually fall asleep in it You are growing the cutest blond peach fuzz I have ever seen. You talk and talk and talk You can still throw a BIG fit when things don't go your way but they are becoming less and less frequent and you are starting to understand "no". You like to read your books. You think Karsen is so funny. You are the sweetest little angel in the whole wide world and an absolute joy to be with. I love you to pieces, Mama

6 month stats:
Weight 16 lb 5 oz (55%)
Height 25 1/4in (25%)
Head Circumference 44.4cm (90%) - smart girl!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Big Move....

So, we are finally here!! We just got internet connection today so get ready for lots of catch up blogging...

In usual Thompson fashion, we crammed every possible life change we could think of into a few months. We also decided that the end of the apartment lease, my last day of work and the new house closing should all be on the same day. So, with a car FULL (because we didn't get a big enough Uhaul), and no Children's badge or white coat (those had to be turned in BEFORE I left), I went to clinic one last time while Sam locked the front door and turned in the keys. I'm kind of glad I didn't have a second to think that through when I left or I'm sure I would have cried.

Poor Sam drove 4 hours in the pouring rain with a screaming baby in the back seat the whole time. He was still a wreck and she was exhausted by the time I arrived.

I saw 6 patients before I left my clinic one last time... lots of thoughts went through my head all the way to Austin. (Stay tuned for residency reflections in a later post). One sweet mom told me she wished she could move to Austin just so I could be her son's doctor. That was enough to make me really excited about my new job.

Moving in was a blast. We had the greatest moving crew in Austin - the Regents varsity football team. What took 7 of us in Dallas a whole looooooong day to pack up took them 1 hour to unload into the appropriate rooms and all furniture re-assembled. They kept referring to me as "Mrs. Thompson". I guess with a real house and a baby on my hip I was looking really old to them. The goof troop came prepared with good food and cold wine and the girls helped to get everything put away in the kitchen.

Thanks to everyone who helped. We had dinners sent from Regents families, tons of help from Jeanne Ann and David - from putting things together to polishing furniture to entertaining the peanut and a visit from the worker bees from Dallas (stay tuned!).

Don't get too excited... no pics until we are done getting things put together.


Ta-daaa!!! We got our moneys worth for that truck!

"Goodbye" breakfast with Ryan and Holly... followed by "hello" dinner with them 5 days later in Austin!

A visit with Charlotte's newest friend, sweet Lofton before we left! We can't wait for their visit to Austin in a couple weeks!!

Last night in her sweet bassinet... boo hoo. Poor thing was desperate for her big girl crib... she was literally bumper to bumper! The first time I put her in her big bed she stretched her arms and legs all the way out immediately. Thanks girl, I got the point.

Poor Charlotte was entertaining herself A LOT while we were packing up. At this point, I found her playing under the packing paper! She is getting to be quite mobile... uh oh!!!

woo hoo!!!!


It's ours!!!!

Me and my girl

Regents Moving Company

The goof troop

Good night :)