Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome Charlotte Grace

January 6th 1:41 pm
6 lb 15 oz (25%)
18 3/4 inches (10-25%)
32.5 cm (10%)

"On the night you were born,
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night wind whispered,
Life will never be the same."

Charlotte, I will never forget the day you were born. Your dad and I went to the hospital at 6:00am. It was freezing cold! Your arrival was during the 2010 "artic blast" - the coldest temperatures in 20-something years! We walked straight to our room, the nurses were wonderful and had me all set up in no time. I got my epidural at about 8:30, then Dr. Napier came and broke my water and we started the pitocin. I was really nervous but the epidural was great and I wasn't feeling much pain at all! Your dad brought the iPod speaker and played Kenny Chesney so I would relax - it worked! Nana and Aunt Lauren came first, they kept us company while we anxiously waited. The nurse checked me at about 11 and I was dilated to 4 so Nana and Lo went to get lunch. Less than 1 hour later I was ready to have you. We called them and they came flying back from Wendy's! 7 pushes later and you were here!!! You were such a surprise, you didn't look anything like I had imagined you! You were such a little peanut, with dark hair! You weren't chubby at all. You had beautiful dark blue eyes, a tiny button nose and the sweetest little mouth. The first thing your dad said when he saw you on the warmer was "She has your chin!". He took tons of pictures of you and took them out to show you off to your grandparents and Lauren. (Papaw and Ja-Ja had arrived just in time!) Then we had about an hour with you. I will never forget it. You were so alert, you nursed like a pro and just looked at everyone. We passed you around, it was love at first sight. I said "let's unwrap her" and your grandmothers ran over like two little girls - they were so excited! We looked at all of your tiny little fingers and toes and inspected you from head to toe. Then you had to go to the nursery... where you screamed for 3 hours straight!! Your temperature was low so they made you lay naked under the warmer and you were furious! Your Ja-Ja stayed outside the window with you the whole time, she was so sad for you. I am so glad I wasn't there, I can't stand to hear you cry. They let me go by you on the way to my room and your tongue was moving constantly like a little lizard, it was so funny. You still do it occasionally when you're hungry and I always think of the hospital. You finally got all bathed and fixed up and came to our room. You looked more beautiful everytime they brought you to me. Your skin was so soft and became more and more pink. You were so sweet and peaceful, I don't ever remember you crying in the hospital. And the lactation consultant said you were brilliant!! You were a superstar feeder from the beginning (which became evident at your 2 week check up!) Your Pops came to see you that night when he got in town from a business trip. As soon as he held you he said, "We aren't going to let you move to Austin". And I got big tears in my eyes. We will miss Nana and Pops a lot. We got to go home the very next day as soon as the pediatrician checked you out. He said you were perfect. Nana came that afternoon to sit with us and help us home. We put you in your warm little bear outfit and loaded you up in the Jeep. And life will never be the same!

"Heaven blew every trumpet
and played every horn,
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born."

Anxiously waiting!!

Here I am!!

Daddy's girl

Our first pic together

Love at first sight

You and Ja-Ja

You and Pa-paw

Nana and Pops admiring you

Beautiful baby girl

Getting to know my dad

Snuggling with mama

First smile caught on camera!

Heading home!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Charlotte

My little Charlotte Grace,
It is December 28th and Dr. Napier says you could arrive any day now. This is a time full of so many emotions for me. It is hard not knowing exactly when you will be born as I am quite a planner. I guess it is God’s way of introducing me to surprise and the unexpected, which I have a feeling are a big part of being a mother. And of course there is a part of me that is nervous about the labor and delivery itself. And then there is a piece of me that is sad that my pregnancy is already over. It has been such a joy to carry you with me for nine months. It seems like yesterday that I took the pregnancy test. I was fully expecting it to be negative and I will never forget the overwhelming happiness I felt when I saw the faint pink line appear. I just couldn’t believe it. I sent a picture to your dad’s phone. He was at work just down the street. I waited and waited for his reply and the next thing I knew I heard him running up the stairs. He picked me up and hugged me and I just cried. I loved you so much already. At first, it was so hard to believe that you really existed. I didn’t feel different and it took a few months for the baby bump to appear. But I will never forget how real you became at our 12 week appointment. We had a sonogram that day so your Nana came with us. The doctor put the probe on my belly and there you were. At just 12 weeks of life, you already looked like a sweet little baby all curled up inside. I absolutely fell in love with your little face, especially your precious little turned up nose. Your tiny arms and legs were all over the place – this was the first of many times that we were told you were “active”. And then without any warning, the doctor said – “Don’t paint the room yet, but I am pretty sure you are having a baby girl.” It just took my breath away. And again, I just cried. I have been dreaming of you my whole life. I have wanted my very own baby girl since I was a little girl myself and carried around my dolls. And it is a good thing he was right (even though he said he was only 85% sure!) because I have had my heart set on my baby girl from that day forward. You became even more miraculous when I started to feel your little kicks. At first, they were just little flutters but before long we could see your little feet kick out of my belly – it was so amazing. It was hard for me to pay attention sometimes at work with you doing flips in there! It was so much fun – I felt like we shared our own little secret. And just when I had a bad day, you would give me a little pat to remind me that you were there. And everything would be better. But on this day, there is no amount of anxiety or sadness or fear that could even compare to the excitement in my heart for your arrival. I can’t wait to see your face and hold your tiny little hands for the first time. I am so anxious to see what you look like. I always imagine you with pretty pink chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and of course a bald head. I can’t wait to hold you for the first time and introduce you to our family who already loves you so much. I am sure that the day you are born will be one of the best days of my whole life. So whenever you are ready to start your life, I am here ready to love you every day that we have together.