Monday, May 7, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet pics are a spring tradition for all children in the Hill Country! Thankfully our church has beautiful bluebonnets so we don't have to squat on the side of the highway! I love these pictures of my sweet little girl - some of them she is starting to look like such a big girl and sometimes I can still see that precious baby face. The bribe to get the photos done was to get to play on the church playground afterwards. She loves riding Mr. Bumblebee - we have to stop to take a ride every Sunday after church!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Car Wash

We discovered a new favorite activity for Miss Charlotte... washing the cars! Looks like we will be saving a lot of money on car washes this summer because she wants to do it at home every weekend. Anything that involves being outside, water (especially soapy water), the hose and a 5 gallon bucket is tons of fun! It is no surprise that she ended up in the soapy water and half naked. We are working on requiring at least underwear or swimming suit bottoms when we are in the front yard! She is not excited about the new rule!
Me and my girls :)
On second thought... we may not save money after we see the water bill!
A good song came on.... time to jam with dad!

Rodeo Austin

We spent one of our fun Thursday mornings with Francie and Casey at the Austin Rodeo. The girls love to do anything that involves animals so I knew it would be a hit! They loved the petting zoo and pony rides. At $5 a ride, they only got to ride the ponies once!!! Last year, Charlotte wanted me to let go of her on the horse (which I of course refused to do at 14 months!). This year, she immediately pushed me away and yelled "I do it myself!". So, she did! It was a beautiful day. We took advantage of driving across town to eat some pizza afterwards at Home Slice, one of our favs! We love our Thursday morning playdates!! It is impossible to get these 2 goofs to look at the camera together....
Hello cow!
Face off
I turned my back for one second to take a pic of F and here is what Charlotte is up to....
Baby chicks
Sweet little lamb
Happy girl
I'm doing it Mama!
Lots of miles put in on this fun bridge!