Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visit to Aunt Mary's

One Sunday afternoon in October, we headed down to Schulenburg to visit Sam's Aunt Mary. His second cousin Erin was visiting from Missouri, so we decided to go see her since she was so close. We had a wonderful lunch and played outside for the afternoon. Sam's cousin Josh and his two sweet girls, Scarlett and Phoebe were also there. The three little girls had a great time feeding the animals and swimming. Only in Texas can you still swim on a beautiful day in October!!! It was wayyyyyy to chilly for me but of course Charlotte had no problem talking her dad into a dip!

I think the girls wasted more corn playing in it than they did actually feeding anybody!

JaJa and Erin

Daddy and Papaw

Rest time to give Papaw a hug

Daddy's and their girls

It didn't take Charlotte long to get over the cold!


Trying to remember how to swim!

Sweet Phoebe

Crazy girl