Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall School Photos

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful teacher for our first preschool experience! I am afraid we are getting spoiled with the very best and might have a hard time comparing all future teachers to Ms. Kimberly! Here is a progress report that she sent us last month and several pictures that she has shared. It is so much fun to see what my little peanut is up to all week!

Charlotte loves work time and stays busy and engaged through the whole work period. She does a great job choosing work independently and completing it all the way through. She is an expert at rolling up her work rug. She chooses work from all areas of the classroom. She is one of our hardest workers and is a great role model to her friends. She is AWESOME at following the rules and her teachers directions.

Charlotte is a great friend and loves her friends, especially Sammy. She is always quick to offer a helping hand, and she does a great job verbalizing her needs and wants. She is very happy both on the playground and in the classroom. She is working on using a kind tone when delivering a message to a friend who has made her angry.

Charlotte is ready to start practicing with numbers and letters. She is working on delivering kind messages when she is angry or frustrated.

Nana and Ruthie visit!!

Nana and Aunt Ruthie came for a weekend in September. It was so much fun, especially for Mama. Help from anybody is welcome during football season, and help from two of my very favorite people is really special! We had a great time just being together. Charlotte remembered Aunt Ruthie from our visit to Ohio last summer, and they picked up right where they left off! We went to Daddy's football game Friday night when they arrived. Saturday morning, we went down to Town Lake to walk and play at Zilker Park. This is a favorite morning activity for all of us! It was a beautiful day. We met Daddy for Mexican food at Maudie's after working up a BIG appetite! Then we all went home to rest. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner on the deck Saturday night. Sunday morning we went to church and had breakfast before they headed home.

Go Knights!! Thanks to Aunt Lauren for outfitting our girls in Regents cheer gear for another season!! They looked so cute!
(we quickly bought a navy blue headband after Olivia was told that "he sure looks ready to go out for the team!")

Charlotte's favorite parts of the game are half time and after it's over... so daddy can play chase!

Cheering on the boys for the 2nd half!

Charlotte and Dean are still buds and really having fun together this year!

Charlotte "making a cake" while we got dinner ready. This was a FAVORITE activity growing up that we got to do at Aunt Ruthie's. It basically involves flour, water, food coloring and lots of measuring cups, bowls and spoons. It was a huge hit for Charlotte! (and a huge mess!)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Diva MD Mommy and Me

I copied and pasted Jordan's description of our Mommy and Me weekend from her blog post.. because I couldn't have said it better.

"You know those friends that you only see once a year (at best) and it doesn't matter because you just pick up exactly where you left off? those girls that you have been through the best and WORST of times with? the ones that you spend your entire time together laughing and telling each other how beautiful and wonderful you are because you truly feel that way about each of them-inside and out? those are my Diva MD's. let me clarify the name. these girls are the least "diva-ish" people I know, but our first trip together we made a t-shirt that said "Diva MD" (yes, the entire cruise ship was super annoyed with us) and then the name just stuck. We are all from Texas and most of us met during medical school. We have now divided and 5 of us are in Texas, 4 in Cali, and 1 in Kansas. We have 2 OBGYN's, 3 Pediatricians, 1 Urogynecologist, 1 Anesthesiologist, 1 Pathologist, 1 Pediatric Neurologist (yes, she's REALLY smart!), and 1 Dermatologist. We have celebrated as each of us has gotten married and we have hugged, cried, and prayed together as some girls have endured the loss of a parent or a baby.

Our annual trips began once we graduated medical school and moved apart. That first year we had 3 weddings, but then there was a lull so we planned a trip to Scottsdale. Since our get-togethers are only about once a year we have to make combo trips so this was not only a vacation but also a surprise triple baby shower for our first round of pregnant mommas. We had no idea what would lie ahead. We have since had many more pregnancies, 3 weddings, and a combo double baby/lingerie shower (you just have to make it work!). The 5 mamas happen to be the 5 Texas girls so we decided that this would be our first annual Diva MD: Mommy & Me weekend."

Who would have thought I would have come home from this weekend feeling refreshed, with 6 under 3 under one roof? Maybe not rested but definitely rejuvenated. It is such a blessing to talk and cry and laugh about all of the joys and trials and mistakes of being doctor and wife and mommy. Even if our reunions are only once or twice a year, I will do everything I can to get myself there!! Big thanks to Nana and Pops for being so generous to open their home to 12 dirty little hands! And to Pops for coming out to take us on some pontoon and jetski rides! 2 months later, Charlotte is still asking to meet mommy's friends at the lake :)

Wine + chocolate straight from the pan + 6 sleeping babes = happy mamas

Breakfast on the kitchen floor

These 2 love each other, they pick up right where they left off!