Monday, February 20, 2012

Coaches Christmas dinner

We have really enjoyed building our friendship with our fellow coaching families over the last 2 years. We love reminiscing back to the days where Charlotte was the only baby, who usually went to sleep before dinner actually started! We would sit around the dinner table for hours, drinking a little too much wine and staying up way too late. Now it is more like a daycare when we get together, with 4 little ones occupying most of the conversation!! It is still tons of fun though and will get better and better as these little guys start playing together! Charlotte and Olivia have these 3 crazy boys between them, I'm pretty sure my girls will keep up just fine!

This year we did Christmas dinner at the Durham's. There is a Griswaldish family in their neighborhood that puts up a crazy amount of lights that you can walk through. We took the babes and checked it out. I was a little nervous because Santa caused a little bit of fear (and nightmares) for my sweet girl this year. She definitely stayed really close to her mommy and daddy but seemed to have a lot of fun! Laura made us a delicious pasta dinner, and we certainly had plenty of wine and laughs around the table. We missed the Lapaglia's for this one!

Mamas and their babies

Me and my girl

I was trying to get a pic of these cuties holding hands...

and guess who had to join in!! She loves these babies!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Bosworth family Christmas

We were all able to meet for a few days before Christmas at Nana and Pops' house to celebrate Christmas as a family. We miss the Black's so much, it had been WAY too long since our last visit to New Orleans in September. Christmas gets better and better every year with the addition of more babies! The kids had a blast together as usual, and completely wore out their mothers! We went to Northpark and continued our tradition of visiting the trains, lunch at Chick-fil-A and seeing Santa. We had a wonderful "Christmas Eve" dinner, enjoyed an outdoor fire and opened way too many presents. Saturday night, we went to Frisco to visit the Mitchell's and had a great evening with old friends. Charlotte and Lofton are really playing together now, they are too cute! So bummed that I forgot my camera that night! I realized a couple of things this weekend... it really is not about the acutal day, and it felt just like Christmas being together and celebrating all of our usual traditions. The best part of the weekend was definitely not the presents, but just visiting and laughing and watching all of the sweet babies having so much fun. The presents were actually quite stressful to purchase, wrap and tote to Dallas. Maybe next year we will simplify things, and spend December making gingerbread houses and cookies, seeing Christmas lights, reading Christmas books by the fire and making new traditions!

Snuggling with Pops and Lovie

Checking out the trains with Henry

Smiling as usual, these two are such good babies!

Boys love trains!

Charlotte's favorite part was the Cotton Bowl, she was so excited to see "football boys"!

Cousins with Santa

One of my favorite pictures of all time, SUCH a pitiful little peanut!

Warming up a little...

Sweet girl managed just a little smile

Pops built us an outdoor fire, our favorite! Love these sweet cousins.

Having fun

Love this boy and his precious smile!

Pops loves his Ev

The kids were so excited to see Uncle Vinny, this picture is what Christmas is all about!

Charlotte had as much fun playing with the boxes as the toys! I love that Uncle Vinny uses blueprints to wrap :)

The boys enjoying the fire

Ready for a delicious Italian dinner thanks to Nana

Pops in his crown from his Christmas cracker!

Sweet Owen

Charlotte thinks her family is soooooo funny

The Royal Black family!

Silly kiddoes playing with the baby doll strolled

The sugar cookies and sleep deprivation really took a toll on Charlotte by Friday night!

Wild child!!!!

Sweet daddy reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas


Silly big kids in baby Hannah's new chair

4 babies and 4 bears, their souveneir from FAO Schwartz!

A new Barbie kitchen from Uncle Vinny!! He spoils his nieces and nephews rotten!!

Charlotte's adorable new apron fron the Black's!

Owen taking Char for a ride on his new toy!

2 handsome boys snuggling

The girls going for a cruise on their own!

Looks like Nana's lazy boy was pretty comfy for these two!

Christmas card pics

It was a little easier said than done to "run up to the galleria to get a few Christmas card pics" this year! 2 years old is not the age to sit quietly and smile pretty!! We were playing chase and trying to get a good picture that wasn't blurry! Meanwhile it was freezing cold and past bedtime so we didn't spend too much time. Here are a few favs, the card turned out pretty cute in the end!

2 year pics

I love these yellow flowers that bloom in our front bed each fall. I wanted to get some cute pics for Charlotte' birthday invitation so I decided to do it in front of the only thing blooming! My little girl is growing up so fast and gets more beautiful inside and out each day!

Silly girl... I love that toothy smile!

This is the one we ended up using, my little beauty!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Turkey Day

We had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. If there is one thing that I can thank a miserable three years of residency for, it is that 1.5 years later I don't take a single minute of time off for granted. I am still so excited every Friday that I have the weekend off! I still get sooooo excited about getting to go to bed every night in my own bed with my sweet hubby. We are so thankful for our beautiful home and we were excited to share it with family this year. And most of all we are so thankful for our baby girls. We are so incredibly blessed by our sweet little Charlotte Grace, and we are thrilled about having a healthy baby sister on the way. I was on call this year so we hosted Thanksgiving with the Thompson's at our house. It was wonderful, and call didn't get in the way at all! Kids make everything more fun, including holidays. We had fun playing with our Little People thanksgiving set from Nana, and had a great time playing outside after dinner. Charlotte loved having her big cousin, Taylor to play with all day. Thanksgiving day was spent the way it is supposed to be spent - relaxing, cooking, talking, laughing, eating, walking, playing games, watching football, eating some more and napping. It was perfect!

Aunt's cooking up some good food!

Papaw has the same job as my dad at Thanksgiving :)

We had two tables to choose from... dining room formal china

or hill country casual! At either spot, the dinner was delicious!

"Watching football" - ha!

Macy Moo

Charlotte has had this jeep since we found it last spring at a garage sale... her legs have never reached the pedals though so she didn't realize it moved! We had Taylor take her for a ride and she almost died when it took off, I wish I caught her face on film! Priceless!!!

Off they go!

Playing out back

Sweet girl

Wrestling with daddy, Charlotte's fav!


Art time

One of Charlotte's favorite activities these days, especially with a buddy!!

Ball fight with JaJa!

Wild child

A Thompson family tradition - Charlotte's first haircut from Sister!