Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter photos

Here are some pictures that we took of Charlotte in her Easter dress Thursday afternoon. We went out to our church which has this beautiful cross overlooking Lake Travis and got some beautiful pictures of our precious girl!! More pics of the actual Easter weekend to come!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lake Weekend!!!

Last weekend we had a wonderful, relaxing (?!?!?!) weekend at the lake! We met the Black's party of 5 Thursday night and enjoyed a long weekend of baby craziness!! Pops and Vinny joined us for part of the trip, I was so happy to see them after way too long. We sure missed Nana, she was at a sister's reunion in Florida. Poor planning on my part. Lauren and I were sure living our dream of being rocking, feeding, bathing, playing,... filthy, scatter-brained, exhausted MAMA's!!!! I had missed my other 3 sweet babies way too much, I was in heaven getting many good Owen hugs and snuggling with my peanuts all weekend long. We are all now eternally grateful for the amount of work Nana puts into taking care of meals and keeping the house from looking like a tornado came through. We were joking that we were going to have Hot Pockets for dinner but we weren't far from that!! Char did not have her best weekend... 4 new teeth (yes, that makes 16 total), diarrhea, a raw bootie and early mornings made for a sleepy, clingy Mama's girl. All jokes aside, we really truly enjoyed our time together and the kiddoes did great. Here is some proof of the fun!!

Sweet Everett - such a handsome, content baby boy!!

Charlotte is letting her cousins borrow her old FAVORITE toy!! Here she is teaching Ev how to play!

Owen got to go for his first canoe ride...

... and LOVED it!

LOTS of room to run....

Recurring theme... Charlotte clearly likes to get into small spaces...


...and again!!!

Practicing her body parts with Hannah! Where's Hannah's nose?

Where's Hannah's hand?!!

Beautiful baby girl

The babies slept...

....and slept.....

....and slept...

....and slept....

....and slept...

.... and slept!!!

Vinny and Cash Daddy catching some rays

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Charlotte loved Owen's Diego bike!

Curious about big cousins every move.

And still loves her little car!

Proof that it wasn't all smiles. Love this.

H&E playing in their new jungle!

Hannah Claire!! Such a pretty little girl.

I love her big round eyes.

Nap on Mommy at 10:30am?!?!! Wow, that NEVER happens!! I wasn't complaining ;)

And then staying close to Dada when she woke up.

Justin is such an awesome daddy!! So cute wearing his sweet baby and drinking that caffeine after a long night!!

Pretty girl

Sweet cousins. We tried to get all 4 for Nana but Miss Charlotte was NOT in the mood!

Look who got a big boy swing!!!

Great weekend!! Thanks again to Nana and Pops for providing our lovely retreat from the real world!! We LOVE the lakehouse!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Tiffany & Rodney!

We celebrated Tiffany and Rodney's 40th birthday Tuesday night. They had a great party with their closest friends and family... complete with fajitas, margaritas and Drew Womack serenading us in their gorgeous backyard!! The weather was perfect and it was a wonderful time! I didn't take any pictures but wanted to blog this poem I wrote. We all wrote a verse of a poem for them and read it all together at the end of the night. It was a wonderful way to toast a wonderful couple!

"On the night that we met, I was a little afriad,
as I walked up the stairs and introductions were made.
There you both stood, a sight to be seen –
Rodney a flasher, Tiffany a cow patty queen.
Most would have run and never come back,
but something inside said “You will regret that”.
It didn’t take long, one short summer and then,
our relationship changed from babysitter to friend.
From days on Lake Austin to a night at Midnight Rodeo,
we all entered a bikini contest and you won the whole show!
From scrap trips in Scottsdale to a boat in the BVI’s,
there isn’t a doubt, our travels are always a good time.
It there's one thing I could change about our friendship today,
there would be much fewer days between our time together to play.
So my wish for you today on this your 40th birthday,
is that in your hearts youth, adventure and joy will stay.
That your eagerness to learn and courage to try new things,
will continue to bring success, that you may spread your wings.
Most of all I wish you peace, laughter and love,
and this world’s greatest blessings from the good Lord above!"