Thursday, July 25, 2013

Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party at Rolly Pollies

We totally could have gotten away without the "big" birthday party this year! Charlotte was thrilled with her party in Crested Butte, and her dinner and cupcakes on her big day. (We are learning as we go!) But since it was already booked (and more importantly since C already knew about it!), we shared a birthday party at Rolly Pollies with sweet Francie. Nana came in town to party and to help Mama who was on call. It was a whirlwind of a day, thankfully the party didn't start until 6. We just barely managed to get cupcakes made, pizzas ordered, and a few decorations ready in time. The girls had a blast and had a good turnout. Rolly Pollies is always fun and a safe bet for a January birthday! The kiddoes played hard and worked up an appetite for their treats. It was our first bday party out of the house - I must say that throwing away pizza boxes and going home to a clean house is hard to beat!

The birthday girls!
Liv loves Rolly Pollies!
Past somebody's bedtime :)
Cora had a GREAt time!
JaJa and Papaw taking a rest from the action!
The only picture of me - I guess the birthday girl was too busy to take her pic with mom and dad! Bummer!
Greg loves the babies!
Sugar and pizza!!!
Casey made this precious dolly for Charlotte. What a special gift! She really is one of Char's favorites, she is often picked for a sleep or travel buddy :)
The littles - maybe they will share a party too someday!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 3rd birthday to Charlotte!

Charlotte's 3rd birthday fell on a Sunday, so we got to celebrate all day! We started off the day at church and got to thank God "in person" for 3 years with one of the (two) most precious blessings which have been bestowed upon us. We went to lunch at the galleria with Rachel and Brooke, this has become a birthday tradition for the 4 of us! It was a beautiful day and they enjoyed playing outside for a while. JaJa and Papaw came for dinner, and Brooke joined us for a cupcake afterwards. Then we opened a few gifts from Auntie, Nana and JaJa. What a great day!

Charlotte truly is a special little girl. She has a heart of gold, and loves her family and friends dearly. She is thoughtful and generous and empathetic. We have to watch what she hears or she will worry about others (a snow storm at Mama Sally's house, Grandpa Cecil being sick or any of mama's patients being hurt or sick). She loves to go to church and is doing a great job of learning her prayers. She is very bright and was a wonderful student in her first year of preschool. She tried gymnastics, dance and swim lessons this year and enjoyed all 3. She is quite a homebody though, and is happy to stay home all weekend to play with her toys. She loves playing with her friends, especially Brooke and Francie. She misses her more distant cousins and friends terribly, and picks up right where she left on when they get together. She is starting to like Disney movies and still loves to read every night. At 3, she loves to play in her sandbox, ride her bike and scooter, do puzzles and play-doh, do any kind of art, play dress up, have tea parties and "slumber parties" with her dolls. At 3.5 she has imaginary friends which keep daddy and I quite entertained! She is a very healthy eater, still loves meat and fruit but is doing better with veggies too! She has learned to love ice cream but is still pretty picky about other sweets. Her favorite treats are lemonade, apple juice, sno cones, popsicles and frozen yogurt or ice cream. She LOVES Chick-fil-A (like her mama!). She sleeps very well in her big girl room. She does get scared easily but tells everyone that Jesus and Uncle Bubba are in her room to protect her. So sweet. Her first movie at 3 was Horton Hears a Hoo with JaJa, she loved it! Her vocabulary is far beyond her years, we laugh at things that she says every single day. She got in big trouble for the first time at 3 for fingerpainting her handprints on the playroom wall - oops!! She is always sweet to her fiesty little sister, and hugs and kisses her constantly (even when her sister is not so sweet back!). She talks about her brother in her belly all the time, his name is Uncle Bubba. Ha!

Charlotte Grace, you have been a joy since the moment we met. When I sing "You are My Sunshine" to you, I sure do mean it. You make me happy when skies are gray! I absolutely cannot wait to see what your future holds, I am so lucky to get to call you my baby girl. I love you (Sugar Booger, Booga Bear, Peanut Butter, Sister Sue, Sugaroo, Sissy Roo)!