Thursday, February 26, 2015

JaJa and Papaw's Housewarming Party

I bet my (4) followers are wondering if my computer was hacked!!!!! Here I am, a year later... after starting a new pediatric practice closer to home. Whew!!!! We are finally getting into autopilot mode around the office and our patient numbers are finally starting to pick up! All of that to say, the blog once again got pushed to the bottom of the never ending pile of to do's around here. I am determined to keep trying, my goal is to create an annual "yearbook" for our family that I can read until it falls apart when I am an old lady. The only two dangers to picking back up in the spring of 2013 are that 1. I won't remember details and 2. I will cry through every single post when I see my tiny bundles of love that have grown up so much already. I know it is so cliche, but wow... it goes sooooooo fast.

I have very fond memories of this first post. After a tragic couple of years for Jeanne Ann and David, they spent the next couple of years literally picking up the pieces and rebuilding their home in Spicewood. To this day, I am amazed with their strength, hope and faith after losing their son, their home and 40 years of treasures. And most impressively, they kept right on loving God, loving others and laughing. They were beyond grateful as family members passed down family heirlooms to fill their new home. There were plenty of tears, but they were always quickly followed by giggles and hugs.

There is nothing that Jeanne Ann likes more than a good party!!! She planned a fun summer night party to celebrate finishing the house (again!) long before the project was complete. She invited many very old friends and family, those who mean the world to her. I have to think that this particular party was much better attended than your typical housewarming party. Friends and family came from near and far. I think that so many there that night came to say, "We love you, we support you and we are so happy for you for getting to this point." I know that's what we were thinking.

The party was a blast! Fajitas, margaritas, a live band and of course skinny dipping under the stars for Charlotte and Brooke!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

10 things I love all in 1 picture.

Summer time, matching outfits, baby bubbles, sisters sharing, outdoor concerts, Amy's ice cream, blond haired babes, chubby cheeks, warm May nights, our little corner of the world.

Almost 1...

Those little piggies.
And those little tan rolls.
And those chubby cheeks.
And that smile.
Melts my heart.
How can a year fly by so fast?

Olivia Mae, Child of God

Olivia’s baptism was a very special day for our family. Nana, Pops and Uncle Vinny came down for the weekend to celebrate Olivia. We chose Uncle Vinny to be Olivia’s godfather - what a lucky girl! Vince loves his family and friends, he is an honest and loyal business man and a hard worker. He is smart and successful, but still sure knows how to have a good time. He is genuine, kind and generous. He loves our girls and always has a smile and a hug when we see him after way too long. We know our girls have a lot to learn from their sweet uncle.

Olivia’s baptism ceremony was beautiful. She was baptized in water from the Jordan River, which Charlotte got to help pour! JaJa provided beautiful pink roses for the altar. Livi was an angel during the ceremony and even happily went with Pastor Laura to walk through her new church community. Mama was teary-eyed for much of the service, it was just such a joyous day to welcome Olivia to her family and church who promise to help her grow in her faith. At one point in the ceremony, Olivia looked up and pointed to the ceiling of the church. It made my heart skip a beat, like she really understood. I didn’t think anyone else noticed until an older lady told me after church that she cried when Livi pointed up to God.

We had a delicious brunch afterward at our house, and Nana bought Olivia a beautiful cake. Kari and Holland came to join us for brunch. Olivia received some beautiful gifts – including a rosary and cross from Nana’s trip to Lourdes, France, some favorite bible stories from the Black's and a cross jewelry box from JaJa and Papaw. We are so thankful for everyone who helped us to celebrate Olivia’s day.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Annual NOLA visit!

I wish our visits to Auntie's house were much more frequent than annual. Though considering the distance and the number of munchkins, I would say we actually do pretty well to get about 4 visits together per year! There was a little hitch in this particular trip, Charlotte had an infection around her eye that gave her mama a scare! Sometimes I think it is worse to know every "worst case scenario", I can really get myself worried when my own are sick. Uncle Justin was so sweet to spend his morning off running us over to the Children's Hospital. Thankfully, we got good news and after a tough shot of antibiotics we were on our way. Daddy was worried sick, and was soon on a plane to come hold his baby and help us home! We really still had a very nice visit, the Black's are always such great hosts and spoil us rotten! Auntie made us lots of wonderful meals, and the kids were kind enough to get lots of sleep so Lo and I could catch up!

Frozen yogurt treat after dinner!
We love their neighborhood park!
So much fun to play with new toys! My kids LOVE their cousins backyard and driveway toys!
Pizza party!
Auntie bought some crawfish for us to check out - loved seeing their reactions! Not too much eating going on!
Movie time, besties.
Making cookies, a favorite activity!
Sweet cousins making Charlotte a get well card while she was at the hospital.
We have decided that these 2 will be BFF's! Hannah loves her baby cousin!
Love that crazy Ev!
Evening walk, my favorite picture (minus C's poor eye!)
S'mores! It was such a beautiful evening, it was so nice to have both of our families all together - what a rare and wonderful time. Thanks again to the Black's, we are counting the days until we meet again!