Monday, August 12, 2013

Rodeo Austin and Daddy's Birthday

We woke up one Saturday morning in late March with a plan to go straight from Charlotte's swimming lesson to the rodeo. It was cloudy but supposed to clear off and warm up. Boy were they wrong! None of us were dressed for the cool temps. I stole daddy's jacket, C had bare legs and poor Liv didn't even have socks!! But we had a blast! Liv LOVED the animals, and Charlotte ate up the carnival rides! Next year we will have to get the wristband for unlimited rides, because she was not ready to go when her tokens were gone! We went home for a quick rest, then headed to JaJa and Papaw's to celebrate daddy's birthday. We had a delicious dinner, daddy's favorite dessert (baklava), and dyed eggs for the 3rd time. JaJa got the girls some Easter treats which they loved. It was a great Saturday!

And Olivia pulled herself up for the first time!!! Way to go Livi!

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Spontaneous Boat Ride

One gorgeous March afternoon, we got an invitation from the Leavell's to take a boat ride down to Ski Shores for dinner. This is truly probably on Sam's top 5 favorite things of all time. He came running to "ask" me if we could go, then was in the Jeep to go buy a life jacket for Liv before we even replied. To everyone's surprise, all 4 families were free and before we knew it we were cruising down Lake Austin. Charlotte had an absolute ball with her "big kid friends". She was all smiles the whole evening, especially dancing with Wyatt in the boat. They are all so sweet to her and teach her all kinds of middle school lingo (oh boy!). Liv preferred the dinner over the boat ride in the uncomfortable life jacket, but looked pretty darn happy when cruising back with a bottle, jammies and her hair blowing in the breeze.

The goof trip!

A February Lake Trip

There is something so peaceful about Nana and Pops' lakehouse in the winter. There are few other visitors and the water is so still. The sounds and smell of a real fire cracking in the fireplace remind me of my childhood. We all take good naps while "watching" football. Nana makes a warm dinner, and we sit around the fire and have s'mores by the water to top off the day. It is a true vacation! I didn't get many pics but love the few that I captured of my happy girls.

Charlotte told one of Sam's aunts, "My uncle Vinny says I give the best hugs". That is so true! But I am not sure everyone else gets quite as tight of a hug as Uncle Vinny...

Austin winters...

I was going to title this post "a few random winter pics", then realized most of them are outside! 105 without rain for a month is not very fun in August, but I will gladly trade it for 70 and sunny for most of the winter!

First pancakes! She LOVED them! Totally different from her sister who did not like any sweets until after 2 yrs :)

I left these 2 on opposite ends of this chair, came back and found them like this. So sweet!

Walking around Town Lake and a picnic with Nana before she headed home, one of our favorite activities!

And another lunch picnic in the front yard!

And just like 7,8 and 9 mo flew by in 1 post, that is how real life feels around here. Slow down girls, Mama is trying to tresure every moment!