Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Francie!

Charlotte is loving "birthday season" this winter! Charlotte, Francie, Phoebe and Brooke all have their birthdays within a month of each other, so we have had a birthday party every weekend!! Char definitely has it down and knows to expect some fun, presents, cake and balloons! Francie was blessed with a beautiful January day for her party just like Charlotte! We took Mr. Moonbounce over so all of the girls could jump out some energy. They had a great time playing inside and out. We had to drag a sad girl out of there after 2 1/2 hours! She had a great time!

Beautiful birthday girl and her beautiful mama!

Happy birthday hug

Jump, jump, jump!

Francie and her daddy

Snack time!

Mmmmm... cold milk (she just recently starting drinking it after a year of heating it up). Spoiled rotten!!!

Opening presents

Hauling her loot inside :)

Happy birthday to you!

Casey can make some gooooood cupcakes!!

Zoo day

After a brutally hot summer this year, we have so enjoyed our time outside this winter. We have had mostly beautiful 60-70 degree days and hardly any cold weather. We spend most Thursday mornings with Francie and Casey, so we have done lots of park, playground and zoo playdates. The Austin zoo is kind of hilarious when comparing it to the big zoos in Ft. Worth and New Orlenas. It is perfect for little ones though, they can see everything up close and they can walk the whole zoo in an hour or two. Charlotte and Francie love it. Charlotte's favorite parts are the monkeys and the petting zoo (which is most of the zoo!). She loves getting a bag of food and could stay and feed the animals all day! We had a picnic (with the chickens and peacocks!) and the girls loved spending some time together after a few weeks of holidays and travel. Here are some pics of the fun!

Checking out Babe the pig

Silly girls having a snack break

Happy girl!

Feeding time!

For Auntie Lauren :)

Thirsty goat?!

Charlotte checking out Francie and Casey's picnic lunch

This silly girl is a monkey!

And someone else learns pretty quickly too!!

Sweet friends singing Ring Around the Rosey

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Charlotte definitely understood her birthday this year! She waited all weekend for her party to arrive. It was Sunday afternoon at 4pm, and she started asking around 8:30am when all of her friends were coming! We had all of her little buddies over for pizza and cake, and of course to play! We couldn't have asked for better weather in January. It was close to 70 degrees so we set up the bounce house and balls outside and the kids had a blast! We also had an art table set up inside because there was a chance of rain, but they didn't even notice it until the sun went down and we closed down the backyard! Charlotte definitely enjoyed herself!! Thanks to everyone who helped make her day so special!!

The birthday girl!

Bonnie butter cake... a Bosworth birthday tradition

The "just in case of rain" art table

Phoebe and Scarlett arrived first... they started the fun with a balloon fight!

Laura and Lawson

Let the fun begin! Head first?? Why not!

Phoebe and Scarlett having FUN!

Sweet Francie

Marcella's turn!


Charlotte's favorite little buddies - love their faces!!

Brookie Brooke

Kaufman's first jump!

So happy :)

A little playtime upstairs in the playroom

Pizza time!

The Durham's

The party wore baby Kaufman out!

Giving Marcella a hug...

...or tackling her?!?!

Cake time! Looks like she's giving it a try :)

Happy birthday to you!

Make a wish!

Daddy tickling you

Present time

Everyone trying out the new pizza set from Dean, fun addition to her kitchen!

Sweet little friends

Art time!

We made snowmen and little beaded snowflakes, I love that Brooke has on a stethoscope while she works :)

Working hard making her snowflake