Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a catch!!

I LOVE this picture! Wyatt Cole is the sweetest little 10 year old boy I know! Charlotte is crazy over him, she has good taste already! He is such a handsome, loving, fun little gentleman and will sure make a lucky little girl very happy someday! We went to the UT golf club for Sam's birthday (I didn't get any pics of the b-day boy, bummer!), but we had a great time. I looked over at one point to check on Charlotte and this is what I saw. So so sweet. I made them reenact it for a pic.

Spring project

Sam and Papaw are building us a deck this spring!! And I am counting the days until we eat all meals outside on it!!!! They pretty much spent the whole spring break working hard and things are moving along! They are about ready to put down the decking, then we will get up the railing, pot some plants, get us a table and be ready to enjoy the summer!! I will keep you posted with pics!

Proud Papa (yes he is working in the arm is impossible to keep this guy down.)

What a team!

Working hard

And here's what Char's doing while they work...

She takes after her Uncle Vinny in some ways :)

What Mom??

Good day.

Charlotte lucked out last weekend. Mama and Char walked around the Hill Country galleria just to get out of the house for a while. And what do you know, the toystore had a little stroller on the clearance rack for 12 bucks. So we bought it. And she has never stopped playing with it since... she LOVES it. Her kitty is usually the lucky rider but she does give all of her other babies a turn. She looks like such a BIG girl in these pics... more like a toddler than a baby. Time for another, right?!!?!


Big news!! Look who will keep a bow in her hair now!! Thanks to Martha's persistance, because Mommy had given up!! She looks so adorable and never gets called "he" anymore! And her mama loves picking out a matching bow for every outfit :) I think her easter eggs might be filled with bows.... we don't have nearly enough colors!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rodeo Austin!

I was SO excited to take Charlotte to her first of many rodeo's!!! Sam had the week off for spring break so we got to have family day on Thursday! It will be no surprise to anyone that Charlotte had a GREAT time and had no fear of any part of the rodeo. She ran around the petting zoo - feeding and petting and "woof"ing at all of the animals. She loved riding the pony and pushed me away when I tried to hold onto her. I had to hold onto the back of her pants where she couldn't see... sorry sister, you can't ride a horse alone at 14 months. She loves any place that doesn't require a stroller and pretty much ran around the whole time burning all her energy :) We had lunch afterwards at the Four Seasons. Only in Austin can you go to the Rodeo followed by the Four Seasons and fit in at both places just fine. We LOVE going there any time we are near downtown to reminisce about our wedding day. We ate lunch outside on the patio where my bridesmaids brunch was, such amazing memories. That was one of my favorite parts of the wedding weeekend. Charlotte loved the beautiful lawn out there and again spent her time running around enjoying the beautiful day. Did I mention that I LOVE Thursday??

Picture for Aunt Lauren, she loves these guys :)

Ride 'em cowgirl!!

What exactly is this thing??

Me and my girl

One of Lotte's favorite attractions

Crazy girl

Daddy playing "vroooooom, vrooooom, vrooooooo, errrrrrrr.....crash!!"

Dancing with daddy

Sitting briefly
Not crazy over swinging in the hammock but loved playing underneath it

Loved these trees with low branches that she could sit in!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome Hannah and Everett!

Last weekend was one of the best weekends of all time and I hardly have any pictures to prove it! Hannah Claire and Everett John arrived on February 28th at a ripe EGA of 36 wks 6 days! Thanks to their ROCK STAR of a mom they weighed in at 5lb 7oz (H) and 5lb 15 oz (E)... thats > 11 pounds of baby in one tiny mama!!! So I spent the first three days of the week in tears once again questioning why in the world I ever thought this whole doctor thing was a good idea. (Of note, these thoughts are few and far between since July. Life is good.) I rushed out of work Wednesday afternoon, loaded up my peanut and couldn't get to Dallas fast enough. Thursday was wonderful - Nana kept Charlotte so I could spend the whole day getting to know my sweet niece and nephew and getting all caught up with my sis on what being a mama of 3 was all about. I got to get them all packed up and waved them goodbye as they headed home with their two little bundles. What lucky lucky babies who got to get into their car to go home, parents don't come any more wonderful than Lo and J. And the rest of the weekend was spent feeding, changing diapers, lots of laundry and chasing around the two crazy big kids!! Charlotte had a blast playing with Owen and all of his cool toys. They are starting to actually have fun together! One hit of the weekend was a boys + Char trip to the Dallas Aquarium with dad, Uncle Vinny, Uncle Mike and Owen. What fun!! If the weekend was any indication of the future, we are going to have some wild and crazy times raising all of these crazy kiddoes!! I can't wait to get everyone together again soon!!

The only pics I took were from a park trip with Nana, O, Char and I while the babies went to their first dr's appt. What was I thinking not getting H&E pics?!?!?! I think I tried to get them all with Lauren's camera... click on The Blag Blog link to see her pics!!

Quick pic with the stork's on the way to the park!

Owen loved showing Charlotte "his" park... his favorite is the baby swings!

Sweet girl

Owen is quite agile and does great in this trampoline!

And Char loves to watch his tricks :)

Silly Nana

Best pic I got right before we left, those are 4 beautiful babies!!