Sunday, November 27, 2011

First trip to New Orleans!!

OK... so much for my blog-a-thon. I don't know where all of the time goes!! Anyways, I'm back at it again and am determined to get caught up!! I am planning to print all of this one day so we can remember all of our fun adventures... sooooo I will just keep on trying to catch up.

Charlotte and I took our first (of many!) trips to New Orleans in September. We were so sad to see the Black's move to Louisiana this summer... but are so thrilled to see their dreams come true. And besides, they picked a great vacation spot for us to get to visit!!! Our first trip to New Orleans was action packed. Nana met Charlotte and I at the NOLA airport, Lauren and her babes picked us up and off we went!! We never stopped until we flew home on Sunday! Lauren and Justin found a beautiful neighborhood in Mandeville to spend their four years. It was so great to see their little spot and all of the fun things that they do. Their home is beautiful and of course Lauren already had it perfectly decorated and super cozy. They have a gorgeous yard and great neighborhood trails for walks after dinner. They are surrounded by fun for the kids, I know Owen is sure enjoying his time. I will let the pictures tell our weekend story!

First stop... New Orleans Audubon Zoo!! It was beautiful!

Such good babies... always along for the ride!

Nana and Charlotte feeding the fishies

Jump!! Looks like these two are happy to be together!!

Charlotte's favorite - the giraffe's!! She talked about them long after we got home and still talks about going to the zoo with Owen. Her sweet auntie sent her a little stuffed giraffe in the mail so she can remember her trip!

Owen climbing the big spider web

He did it!

Oh boy.... Charlotte needed some help. We barely made it!

Relaxing with Mr. Monkey

Carousel ride thanks to Nana!!

Trying to stay awake (we woke up at 5 am to leave Austin, 2 flights into New Orleans then straight to the zoo!!!)

Picnic and outdoor concert on a beautiful night! We all had a great time!

Snuggling Hannah Claire for a minute :)

Love H's expression here

Mmmmmm.... frozen yogurt!

Sweet Ev

Cracking up at her hilarious big cousin!!

Getting off lots of bubbles and ice cream!

Morning video time

Breakfast outside in the fort! Charlotte loved it and is still talking about this 2 months later :)

Love this picture of Lauren and Hannah. Lauren is such an amazing mama, her kiddoes are sure blessed to belong to her!!

Splash park!!!!

Having fun!

Rest time... love that diaper-less bootie :)

More water fun, love this beautiful state park

Sweet cousins

Nana stayed home with her babies for the afternoon, looks like they all enjoyed it!


Yummy yummy dinner at The Beach House Friday night. Sweet Auntie picked the place because of the fun sand pit for the kids. Here's what Charlotte thinks of sand....

A day out in the Big Easy... love this beautiful pic of Jackson Square!

In line at Cafe du Monde... I'm sure one day we'll look back and think we were crazy!!

Auntie and the boys :)

The girls. Poor Hanny is wondering why we walked a mile in the heat when she doesn't even get a beignet!?!?!

Serious business

Mmmmmm. first beignet!!

Love this boy

Charlotte thinks her big cousin is sooooooo funny

Children's museum!! The grocery store was a hit! I love that O is checking Char out :)

Stealing Hannah's spot for a little rest - this weekend wore her out!

Love that smile


Back at home. Love their beautiful yard!! (Notice J has been working in it!)

Playscape!! Charlotte and Owen loved spending time together in O's super fun playscape! Love this pic of O.

Big girl


My girl

Thanks to Lauren and Justin for having us! We can't wait 'till the next time!