Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Party!

Charlotte was so blessed to have such a special celebration with our friends and family for her first birthday! She was a little overwhelmed by the crowd at first and hung on tight to Mama, Dada or her grandparents. But by the time we all sang to her she thought she was pretty special! She loved all the attention when everyone watched her open her gifts, and drove her car waving to everyone and clapping for herself. She got some really special gifts, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate!

Ready to party!

Charlotte could definitely be a Speaks baby!

Snacking with JaJa

Playing with girlfriends Brooke and Cora

Sweet happy girls

Charlotte welcoming her boyfriend Dean ;)

Dean's first birthday party!

Regents Knights State Championship coaches!! (Sam did not get the black shirt memo)

Dessert table - cupcakes and ice cream sundae bar

Homemade strawberry cupcakes

Me and my girl

Are they all singing to me??

Mmmm.... candle.

First cupcake....

....and she was not a big fan.

Then she used it as a hair product....

and then she got wild!

Family pics

Charlotte got lots of new good books!

She LOVES Wyatt Cole - she can already pick out the cuties! And he was so much fun!!

Regents wives and babies

The Leavell's came after the party to celebrate with Charlotte, she had fun playing with Karsen and Kash!

Pic with JuJu before bed, she sure slept well!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Charlotte!

Happy birthday to my dear Charlotte!! Your birthday was SUCH a fun day. I was missing you so much after our trip to Crested Butte and working all day Wednesday when we got home. Your birthday could not have fallen on a better day - Thursday!!! We had an extra special mommy and me day. We went to Rollie Pollies for the first time and you LOVED it! It is a little "gym class" for babies just down the street in the galleria. We have been going every Thursday since with your buddy Francie... more pics to come! The owner was warning me before the class that you would probably be clingy and cautious the first few times and have to warm up to play. This was definitely NOT the case! You were your usual brave and fun little self from the minute you arrived! Afterwards we had a girls lunch at Chick-fil-A, our favorite ;) After your nap, your friend Brooke came down the street to play and celebrate your birthday. You two sweet girls always have a good time together. JaJa and Papaw came for dinner - we had salmon croquettes, mac n cheese and asparagus. Then we opened presents and played with your new toys. What a great day! I didn't do a great job of getting pics of all of the fun but here's what I got!

Good morning birthday girl! You can see we actually have to fix that crazy hair now!

Playing after breakfast... bye bye Mama!! And off she goes!

I'm one now! No more sitting on the swing for pictures!

Pretty baby - she knew it was a special day, she kept a bow in for like 2 hours!

Ready for dinner!

Playing with Papaw across the table

Ready for presents!

She's got the opening down after Christmas and birthday 2 weeks apart!

Back to the car - her favorite!

A new walker with blocks in it!

And she likes to get in the walker :)

Having fun

A play birthday cake...

your favorite bead toys...

and your first kitchen from the Black's!!

Learning how to do the shapes with daddy

And she's off!!

I love you dearly my sweet baby. I cried all the way to work the day before your birthday thinking of you already being a year old. I remember seeing your beautiful face for the first time just like it was yesterday. I thank you for a whole year of making me smile and filling my heart with joy. You are my sunshine. Looking forward to more and more fun in the years to come. Love always, Mama

January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Girl!

These are the pics I took to get a cutie for Charlotte's b-day party invitation. Not too hard to get a cute pic of this little girl!!!

The winner!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years in Crested Butte

We spent our first of hopefully many many New Years in Crested Butte and it was wonderful! It was our first long trip away from Miss Charlotte and we did just fine! I was sad to say goodbye but I knew that she was going to have a great time spending the week with JaJa and Papaw at "the farm" aka their house. But as soon as I got settled into the plane ride with my Starbucks and a good book, suddenly things were very quiet and quite relaxing! Of course we missed our sweet girl dearly and we were SO excited to get home, but we sure had a nice time together like the "good ol' days". Mom and Dad spoiled us rotten. Their condo is wonderful and Crested Butte is such an adorable and fun little ski town. The skiing was fabulous, the food was amazing, the hot tub was hot and the scenery was so beautiful. It was a bit chilly the first couple days (-20's overnight) but warmed up to 19 Sunday and Monday so I could ski! Thanks Mama an Pops, I can't wait for our next adventure! (And of course I cannot wait to see my crazy Charlotte running around in the snow next year!)

Wow! 11 inches the night before we arrived! Clearly these people hadn't left in a few days!

Job prospect?

Love the CB movie theater. We saw True Grit this time, great movie!

Bike rack

Mama and me

Trying to stay warm!

I love my mountain man.

Could these two be any cuter?

Pizza on the floor at the Secret Stash on New Years Eve. This place is so hippie, love it!

Dad loves the famous CB blood mary's!

We had to help these 2 goofs out of here after a few drinks!

Staying warm

Love this cute little town

Lunch at Pitas in Paradise - best gyro ever!

Photo op in Mom's fur coat :)

More town pics...

Home sweet home!

View from the living room to the ski lift - not bad!

View from the other living room window

Beautiful home! Love the antler light!

Dad's favorite - the fish

Huge living room - perfect for 10 grandbabies sleeping bags!

Headed to the hot tub! (Could my legs possibly be any more pale?!!?)

Wow, check out both of our cheeks. Diet started as soon as we got home!

On the mountain!

Love the area at the base of the mountain, I imagine we will spend a lot of time playing down here with the kiddoes!

And so glad there is a fire to keep us warm!

Views from the top!

Look at me skiing with the big boys. Ha ha, jk, I stayed on the blues!

The skiier.

Night night!