Friday, June 10, 2011

Hawaii Day 2

Day 2 we decided to hit the road and check out the north side of the Big Island. Our first stop was the Waikoloa resort area. It was a gorgeous place with lots of shopping and eating, hike and bike trails going around it and lots of beautiful hotels and condos. It reminded me of the Sandestin area of Florida. We were told that you could get a day pass to the Hilton there to go watch the dolphin's swim, so that was our first stop. And what a treasure we found! It was a really neat hotel and certainly a kids paradise! They had a lagoon that has a little beach where the kids can swim without the big waves crashing. They had lots of pools that are all connected by slides and a big lazy river. Charlotte had a blast!! After we left there we continued north up to a small town called Hawi. We had a delicious lunch at Bamboo Restaraunt, voted the best restaraunt on the island. We did some shopping, found some great souveneirs and had an ice cream and fudge treat in the afternoon!! Perfect vacation day. We headed home through the Hawaiin countryside just in time for... the sunset!!

Favorite spot to ride!

Our little family

Headed in for a dip!

Still unsure of the sand...

He is soooooooo happy in water :)

Little break for a kiss from Papaw

Just a swingin' with my girl

Showing baby the dolphins

I loved this little church in the town of Hawi

More Mama!!!

Headed home...

for the sunset!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hawaii Day 1

Last month we took our first big family vacation to Hawaii!! Our family friends, the Gilb's, have a beautiful home on the shores of the Big Island in Kona. They were so incredibly generous to share their treasure with our family for a week in May. We were told by many (and kinda believed them) that we were crazy to take a 16 month old to Hawaii! But this little mama is just not a fan of being far from her little girl for long. So, we packed her up and talked JaJa and Papaw into coming along for help (ha ha, didn't take much leg pulling for that favor!!)... and we hit the beach! And guess who was just perfect!?!?! Every single day I said, "she is so good... she is so good... she is so good". And that she was. I think she wanted to be sure she would be invited on the next trip!! And she sure will!!

On day 1, we hit the beach EARLY! We were all still on Texas time so we were up, dressed, had breakfast, packed and ready to hit the beach at 6am! Ha! So off we want! Charlotte was definitely unsure of the sand for a while but thought the ocean was TONS of fun. I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Going to rinse the sand off!

After enough sand and salt water, we headed home for a dip in the pool. This is ALWAYS a hit for the little fish!

After a raving recommendation from Uncle Vinny, we headed to the Kona Brewery for dinner. And he was right! Great food and great drinks, we had a wonderful dinner.

I am sooooo sleepy but my DaDa is still so funny

Last but not least... my part of every day. Watching the sunset on the Lanai!! Wow! Gorgeous. And very quickly thereafter... we were all in bed :)