Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another 4th at Cedar Creek Lake

This years traditional Fourth of July celebration at the lake was slightly more chaotic than the years of "float, eat, drink, repeat". We had 5 under 5 for 5 days this year.... wow. I personally think it is still fun, just a different, exhausting, what were we thinking kind of fun. Charlotte and Owen thought it was the best 5 days of the summer. Their little friendship is so cute, they truly love each other. They spent a lot of time giggling. As much as I hate the distance between us, it sure makes the time together special. Thanks to Aunt Lauren for making the trek alone, we know it is not easy. Thanks to Nana and Pops for the hospitality, and to Uncle Vinny for helping to keep kids happy, cook LOTS of food and of course for the fireworks show!!!

Our first night there with just Uncle V, so great to catch up!

We recently found out that Cash is not going to be with us much longer. He has been such a great dog to our family (especially to tolerate the kids!). He has certainly been keeping us laughing for many years!!! He will be dearly missed, especially by his sweet daddy.

These kids love Pistachios!

Jaja and Papaw came Sunday afternoon - what fun!

Everett checking out Olivia - so sweet!

Making 4th of July visors was quite a hit!

Love this :)

Waving goodnight to the lake

Sometimes restraining everyone is necessary!

Rest time with the giant fish


Silly faces! This was hysterical, they were delirious!!


Goodnight Pops!

Looking back, Nana did a lot of Olivia snuggling! Thank you Nana!

Hotdog!!! Apparently it's just as fun on the dock :)

The Mitchell's came for the day to play!! We hope this becomes an annual playdate! Our girls LOVE each other!!

Sweet babies


EVERYONE in the baby pool!


O loved Olivia - so sweet!

Livi smiled for the first time, my favorite milestone :)