Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend with Nana and Pops

One weekend in early March, Charlotte and I headed to Midlothian for a long weekend. I had a CME conference at Scottish Rite Friday and Saturday, so Charlotte got to spend a couple days with Nana and Pops. Thursday, we took Charlotte to her first trip to the Ft. Worth zoo. It is such a beautiful zoo and has a lot more animals than our little Austin zoo! We started off on a bad foot after a late night traveling and early waking... she totally melted down over the carousel being out of order. She quickly snapped out of it though and we had a great zoo trip!! She got a stuffed pink flamingo to remember her trip which she loves and knows it's from "Nana's zoo". I don't have many other pics but Char and Nana had a great time together - they met the Cat in the Hat at story time, had a Chick-fil-A lunchdate with some other ladies and their grandbabies, did some shoe shopping at Nordstrom (thank you Nana!!!) and spent lots of time just playing together. Saturday night Pops grilled us burgers and we enjoyed a beautiful night outside. Thanks for the weekend and keeping my peanut, Nana and Pops!
One of Char's favorites!
Gross!!! This guy totally mooned us for a drink of water! Guess who cracked up?!?
C & Nana
Me and my girl
White tiger!
Another favorite
Basketball with Pops on the porch
Sweet girl
Flippin' burgers
Charlotte has learned to pedal her bikes - yay!!
Beautiful flowers and beautiful little girl!

Summer days in February...

What do you do when it's 89 degrees in February?!?! Spend the morning at Zilker with a buddy, have a picnic and a SNOWCONE!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Livestrong Half Marathon

We had SO much fun cheering on Uncle Vinny and Mike at the Livestrong half marathon. We love any excuse to spend a morning downtown and enjoy Austin! It was a beautiful day and we were so proud to cheer them across the finish line. What an accomplishment!! Charlotte and Macy got to play at Auditorium Shores while we waited for the boys to recover. Then we took them to brunch to celebrate at a yummy restaraunt called Olivia! Thanks for sharing the day with us Uncle Vinny, we loved it!

Charlotte and the boys....

Charlotte loves Regents coaches dinner night! Who wouldn't love playing with these precious boys?! Baby Dean is not really a baby anymore and had a great time playing with Charlotte and her toys. And the little guys won't be too far behind... they will all have so much fun together in a few years. These pictures crack me up, they look like a bunch of little old men!! Sam better watch out for these cuties in about 15 years if they are still hanging out with his girls!

Rainy Valentine Wishes!

We got Charlotte an umbrella and rain boots this year for Valentine's Day. We are SO excited about the rain we have had this winter and spring, and our little water baby loves to play in it! The present was a big hit! She has played in them all spring. We thank God for the showers!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nothing terrible about 2....

It has been way too long since I have written an update about what my big girl's life is all about. I was pretty used to having a 2 year old and still feeling like my baby was a baby until I started getting things ready for Olivia. A wave of sadness came over me this week as I washed tiny onesies and cleaned the infant carseat and bassinet sheets. It was so strange to see everything covered in dust and in some ways it seems like an eternity since we used it all. I just hate that the old phrase "they grow up way too fast" is so true.

Two is a really big year for such a little person. Big girl beds and potties and starting school and a new baby don't seem like such big steps until you are a mommy. In some ways, Charlotte seems so grown up because she talks like she is 13 and is very independent!! She potty trained before her second birthday and likes to do everything herself. So I think often we think (and treat her!) like she is much older than just barely 2. On the other hand, I still carry her much of the time, let her haul her lovie around all day and rock her before bed every night. Because for now (and at least for the next 5 weeks) she is still my baby.

I do have to say, I truly think it just keeps getting better and better. Two has been nothing but wonderful, I don't see what is so terrible about it.... (yet!). Charlotte is definitely all of the entertainment needed in our house, we spend our evenings laughing at the things she says and does.

At 27 months, here is what you know - all of your shapes, finally most of your colors (that took a while), you recognize at least 10 letters and whose name they stand for, you count to about 20 with the exception of confusing a few teens, you can dress yourself with simple clothes (and definitely undress yourself!!), you can pedal your little tricycle, you know your full name and our street name, you know your mommy and daddy's name, you can sing lots of songs (hokey pokey, Jesus loves me, ABC's and your favorite "friends"), you are learning our prayers before meals (from both families!) and much more! Your vocabulary is very impressive and you talk in complete sentences. You speak English and Spanish but you really like to keep Spanish for Martha only and you are quick to tell me, "Mama, you don't speak Spanish!" if I try.

Your loves these days - your family and friends (including starting to talk on the phone with Nana and Pops and skype with Owen), books, cartoons - Dora, Calliou, Mickey Mouse Club, Curious George, your warm milk in the morning, stamps and coloring, swimming, going to the park (especially Zilker), Regents sports and visiting daddy at school, your stuffed animals and babies, taking showers, being chased by your daddy, any kind of ball (currently basketball is your fave).

Your dislikes - gosh I can't think of much, you are so easy going!... clothes, tags, diapers at night ("I'm a big girl!! I no wear diapers!"), anything on your hands (food, fingerpaints, dirt).

Favorite foods - pizza, pasta, Chick-fil-A, fruit, milk, meat, pancakes and M&M's. You are actually a pretty healthy eater for a 2 year old and pretty much eat what we eat. You are starting to eat more veggies (asparagus, broccoli, corn, peas), love fruit and still dislike most sweets and juice.

Your current schedule - you are with Martha 3 days a week, JaJa and Papaw one day, Mama on Thursday's and of course Mommy and Daddy on the weekends. You do Rolly Pollies on Monday, music class on Wednesday and swimming lessons Wednesday nights with daddy. You still sleep about 11 hours at night and take a 2 hour nap MOST days. And every minute in between, you are very active!!

2 year stats:
Height: 34 inches (50%!!!!!!)
Weight: 29lb 12oz (85%)

I hope even if I forget every single thing written above, I always remember what a blessing my dear Charlotte is. I know I am biased, but I see a LOT of kids everyday and I truly believe Charlotte is a special treasure. If all of us had even half of the joy that is in her heart, the world we be a MUCH better place! Charlotte is very rarely unhappy, has yet to throw a real tantrum and spends most of her days making people smile (at least her mommy and daddy!!). I LOVE her laugh, I love her bruised and scraped little legs from playing so hard, I love her occasional little blond curl on a rainy day, I love the gaps in her precious smile and I just melt when she says "Mama, I yove you", "I missed you today", "hold you" or "I'm so proud of you!". My dear Charlotte Grace, thank you for filling my heart and my life with joy. I love you, sweet girl.

Love, Mama