Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, you don't have very many blue clothes because you are a little princess that always wears pink. But, you look so cute in blue with your pretty eyes. And I have some pictures to prove it. Today was the most beautiful day and we took these pictures at the park tonight. You could have laid out there for hours.... we are so happy that you love the outdoors. (By the way, we need to get a blue bow because you were called "he" all day long!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Tricks!

You have changed so much over the past couple weeks. It seems like you are growing up so fast all of the sudden. I don't think the 80 hour work weeks help... I feel like I hardly get to see you. I hate that. I always thought I would want you to stay little but it is sooooo much fun to see you learn new things! You are more and more fun everyday. Here are a few new tricks!

Sitting in your bumbo watching Baby Einstein (thanks to Owen for sharing both of these baby toys!)

Playing on your belly (p.s. Uncle Vinny - this is the BEST gift you ever got us! She LOVES her jungle!!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect weekend.

Our weekend went something like this:

Pizza with the Black's Friday night. Three month pics in a tutu... omg - stay tuned for some serious cuteness. Baby shower for Jordan and Lofton. Dinner on the patio at State and Allen. All three of us sleeping together until 9:00 Sunday morning. Church and blueberry pancakes. Grilling burgers at Nana and Pops'. And in between... rock, nurse, talk, laugh, cuddle, repeat. Did I mention it was perfect? Until we left you at Nana's and I realized I had to go back to work. Lots of alligator tears. 2 months 3 weeks left until all weekends are perfect weekends. I can't wait.

Here are some random weekend pics:
Morning playtime... your favorite.

Hold that head up girl!!

Taking a rest - tummy time is tiring!

Getting ready for pictures!

This precious lamby came in the mail from the Glasgow's - so cute!

You think she is pretty funny too!

Your first bluebonnet pic!

Nana loves you :)

Happy baby!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at the Lake

Charlotte's first Easter was a blast! I had just finished 2 weeks of PICU night float so I was in heaven spending the whoooooole weekend with my girl, my hubby and my family. We did a whole lot of relaxing and eating sweets and ooooing and awwwing over the babies. We were so lucky that Uncle Vinny got to come from San Antonio, it was so good to spend some time with him. And mom was feeling better and better each day since her surgery. She looked so beautiful for mass, amazing for just 1 week post-op.

Hope nobody is too excited for pics of Charlotte in her Easter dress. We woke her up just in time to dress her before church so we didn't have time for pictures. 10 minutes into mass she proceeded to poop through her diaper, tights, bootie cover AND dress and spent the rest of mass in her DIAPER!!!! I was so embarassed. We didn't even have a blanket to wrap her in!! I wish I had a picture of Sam going to communion with her asleep in his arms in nothing but a diaper! A girl after her daddy's heart :) Anyways, the outfit was ruined and is now at the dry cleaners. We will have to get pics later!

Thank you to everyone for spoiling our little lady yet again. She had a wonderful Easter.

You look like such a big girl in your Easter Bunny pj's!

Playing with Pops

My happy girl

Owen puts in lots of miles at that lake! I love how this pic captures his adorable toddler gait!

Just a swingin'... love the Converse O.

Uncle Vinny and his boy

First boat ride was a hit! She kept doing the lizard tongue like she was tasting the wind!

Sound asleep on daddy after a big day.

Best buds.

Sweet little toes.

Crazy over that precious girl.


Wow. I can't believe my hubby is 30. 3 whole decades. I have been told that his first few years were filled with smiles. His family called him "singing Sam" because he was always so happy. (I sure hope our kids get that from him instead of my infamous temper tantrums!) His teenage years were a little wild but full of fun, football and buddies that have become lifelong friends. The last ten have been amazing - he has grown from a rowdy boy into a dedicated football coach, a faithful servant, an amazing husband and the sweetest daddy. He has made all of my dreams come true, and my wish for him this birthday is that we spend the next 30 making all of his come true too. I think we are off to a good start! Happy 30th, my love.