Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Little mama likes to help!

Clean up time!

Livi 4 months

Wow... I am REALLY behind on this blog!!! Once football season arrived the days just seemed to evaporate, and the next thing I knew the holidays, a trip to Colorado, and a birthday for Charlotte all flew by. It is a good thing I jotted this post down 4 months ago so I can write a little update for memory's sake. I thought Charlotte's first year went quickly but wow... I can't believe how big my sweet Olivia is getting.

All about Liv at 4 months:

Weight 15lbs (75%)
Height 24.5in (55%)
Head Circumference 41cm (45%)

Nicknames - Liv, Livi, Livi Lu, Livi Mae, LuLu, Lulubelle, Lulu-maroo, Lulubaloopaloop (that one is all big sis, ha!!), Little (daddy), sis and sissy. You may never know that your name is Olivia!

Olivia, you are a VERY happy and smiley baby. You are happiest in your mama's arms, upright and in the middle of the action. You are not interested in being a baby - you do not like to lay down or face me when I hold you. You want to be looking out at the world. When I lay you down, you immediately look like you are doing a sit up to try to get off the floor.

We tried to hold off on solids until 6 mo but you were screaming at us at dinner and trying to grab forks, food, etc. So we started cereal shortly after 4 mo. Our girls like to eat!!! You still love to nurse and really have to be hungry to take a bottle. No need for formula yet, yay!! You have a milk protein allergy so I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet. Ugh, that is true love girl. You are a pretty good sleeper, you sleep from about 8:30 to 8-8:30, waking 1 time at 5:30-6 to eat. This works out well for mama, because we can have some quiet time together early in the morning (I cannot possibly dream of a better way to start my day) and then you sleep through the crazy morning routine getting sister out the door for preschool!! You like to sleep on your back with your arms up straight over your head, "touchdown" per dad. You look so cozy with your beautiful blanket from Nana covering you.

You LOVE to talk. You like your lovies, not one in particular and not nearly the love that your sister had for hers at this age. You love to be outside, especially laying on a blanket. You like to listen to books. You LOVE your hands and feet and spend much of the day inspecting and talking to them. You are very afraid of loud noises, this is one of the few things that makes you cry. Unfortunately when your sister is 2, there are quite a few loud noises in your environment. You have the most pitiful pouty face I have ever seen! You stick your bottom lip ALL the way out before you cry, every. single. time. It is heartbreaking, and I am quick to fix whatever the problem is when I see it.

Olivia, you are a dream come true. I can't believe I was ever worried that it would be hard to love another baby as much as the first. The minute I saw your beautiful face it happened all over again. People tell me all the time how pretty you are, and I always tell them what a sweetheart you are too. You are truly beautiful, inside and out. You are a lover, you light up when you see your family and you love to be in our arms. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be your mama. I know there is so much to look forward to, and I know that it just gets better and better. But some days I wish you could be 4 months old forever. While there are many days that aren't easy, I know they are numbered. And even if it's just for a few minutes at the end of the day, I try to soak up every second of rocking and snuggling my sleeping chubby little blond-fuzzy haired doll. I love you, little Livi Mae.