Thursday, February 26, 2015

JaJa and Papaw's Housewarming Party

I bet my (4) followers are wondering if my computer was hacked!!!!! Here I am, a year later... after starting a new pediatric practice closer to home. Whew!!!! We are finally getting into autopilot mode around the office and our patient numbers are finally starting to pick up! All of that to say, the blog once again got pushed to the bottom of the never ending pile of to do's around here. I am determined to keep trying, my goal is to create an annual "yearbook" for our family that I can read until it falls apart when I am an old lady. The only two dangers to picking back up in the spring of 2013 are that 1. I won't remember details and 2. I will cry through every single post when I see my tiny bundles of love that have grown up so much already. I know it is so cliche, but wow... it goes sooooooo fast.

I have very fond memories of this first post. After a tragic couple of years for Jeanne Ann and David, they spent the next couple of years literally picking up the pieces and rebuilding their home in Spicewood. To this day, I am amazed with their strength, hope and faith after losing their son, their home and 40 years of treasures. And most impressively, they kept right on loving God, loving others and laughing. They were beyond grateful as family members passed down family heirlooms to fill their new home. There were plenty of tears, but they were always quickly followed by giggles and hugs.

There is nothing that Jeanne Ann likes more than a good party!!! She planned a fun summer night party to celebrate finishing the house (again!) long before the project was complete. She invited many very old friends and family, those who mean the world to her. I have to think that this particular party was much better attended than your typical housewarming party. Friends and family came from near and far. I think that so many there that night came to say, "We love you, we support you and we are so happy for you for getting to this point." I know that's what we were thinking.

The party was a blast! Fajitas, margaritas, a live band and of course skinny dipping under the stars for Charlotte and Brooke!!

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